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People have started using IP PBX. Either they host it themselves or subscribe IP-based phone to phone provider (i.e.: Singtel, Starhub, M1, etc) Because the flexibility they can have by tapping into the technology. But which one is better? Is it better to host it yourself or pay for a subscription?

Paying subscription might be good enough for a short time, but adding the cost that you need to pay month after month, might be equivalent to buying your equipment. Why not use the fee that you need to pay as an investment in setting up the system in your office? You can get more features with the same price.

Traditional PBX vs IP PBX what to consider? 

  • Cost
    • Initial cost
      If you’re just comparing cost wise, the initial cost will be more expensive to use IP PBX.
    • Expansion
       If you’re thinking to expand or grow the company, having IP PBX will help you on the installation charges as usually there are no more wiring to be done. Traditional PBX will require you to engage a contractor to setup the cable again. As for IP PBX, you can just connect the phone to the network and nowadays, with better GUI, you can set up the new extension easier yourself.
    • IT personnel
      If you’re not a tech company, and not really familiar with the technology, you might need a dedicated IT staff to help you setup the IP PBX. But again, you might just need a freelance IT staff to help to setup the IP extension
  • Grant
    If you’re going with IP PBX, you can still enjoy government grant for this. You can visit this page to get more information on PIC Grant. Keep in mind that 2017 is the last year you can enjoy this grant (up to 40%) 

What do we have to offer?

This is the compact IP PBX from Panasonic that is good enough to start tapping IP capabilities. you can click here to find out more detail of the PBX. 

If you need more features on IP PBX, you can consider Panasonic IP PBX NS Series.

What's the difference between KX-NS300 and KX-NS700?

In short, with KX-NS300 it comes with:

  • 6 CO line including caller ID,
  • 16 port for SLT (Single Line Telephone), and
  • 2 port for DPT (Digital Proprietary Telephone)

KX-NS700 comes with:

  • 2 port of DPT
  • 4 port of SLT 

Which one suitable for me?

  • KX-HTS824 – suitable for companies without the need of call center capabilities. Employees are able to bring their own device and register their phone as the extension on the PBX. It can be expanded up to 24 extensions
  • for companies that require more capabilities in reporting and more advanced features in IP PBX, NS series can help them better. Please use:
    • KX-NS300 if you want to use your legacy SLT as the phone in the extension. it can help you save some cost in buying new hardware
    • KX-NS700 if you want to use other types of phones, such as SIP Phone from the start. you can customize the PBX to cater to your need.

Why do I need to switch to IP PBX?

What if by installing this new IP PBX, will cost about the same with set up Legacy PBX? As for now, 2017 is the last year for you to enjoy government grant to upgrade your technology. you can visit this page to see the eligibility for your company to apply for PIC Grant from the government. 


We hope through this article, you can learn a bit about Panasonic IP PBX. for more specific questions about your case, feel free to send your questions by email, contact us page, or call us at 6553 4600

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