[Promotion] KINSEN Christmas Crazy Sales
Submit your interest before 23 Dec 2016
[Promotion] KINSEN Christmas Crazy Sales

UPDATE (25 December 2016):
Congratulation for those who has submitted the PO. We will inform the winner individually. For those who hasn’t got a chance to join this time, we hope that you can join again when we make this promotion again. In the meantime, we wish you a Merry Christmas. May your Christmas be merry and bright. Have a wonderful season of Joy, Hope and Love. 

UPDATE (22 December 2016):
Time flies. 2 days left for this promotion. Have you submit your PO yet? Thank you for those who have submitted the PO. we’ll inform the winner by around 26 December. In the meantime, we wish you a merry Christmas.  

UPDATE (13 December 2016):
Some more people ask about the products listed on this promotion. Seems most customer are interested with this products. Have you submit your PO yet?

Dear Customer,

At the end of the year we usually become reflective. We either become optimistic or pessimistic about the future. While we are nearing the end of 2016, KINSEN would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that you be prosperous in all that you do in the coming years.

We would like to offer you a Christmas Crazy Sales Promotion.

Please let us know your interest by providing your contact information and the product that you are interested in. You can contact us through email/phone and state which item(s) you are interested by 23 December 2016.

How does it work?

On 26 December, we will compile and notify the winner on the next business day. In the event of more than one interested party for a particular item(s), we will conduct “draw lot” session to determine the lucky winner who will get the product(s).

You can send the information in the form of Purchase Order through email or phone (Office: 6553 4600 / Mobile: 9615 2333 / Fax: 6456 5859).

We will inform the winner on the product(s) they won and they will need to confirm the delivery within 30 days with payment terms is COD (cash On Delivery)

 I really hope that what we offer is according to your needs and I really wish you win those products.

Note: please fill in the form, scan and/or send to us through email/post with the Purchase Order (PO) of the interested product(s). Please note, forms without PO will not be registered as interest. No Cancellation of order is allowed. Payment term is COD (Cash/Cheque on Delivery). And delivery should be arranged within 30 days upon announcement. We’ll update the status in our facebook at the end of working day.

If you still have some question, feel free to contact me.



Fendy Limanto
KINSEN Equipment Trading Pte Ltd
Office: 6553 4600
Mobile: 9615 2333
Fax: 6456 5859

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We’ll update the FAQ for this campaign here. Hope it can clarify your enquiry.

FAQ: (updated 6 December 2016)

  1. I’m still not clear, what is this promotion about?
    This promotion is a lucky draw event to give you, our customer, an opportunity to buy selected product(s) at a very special price. For this promotion, The price listed is only valid for 1 set only for each product. 
  2. How does it really work?
    If you interested in any of the product(s), please submit your interest by submitting a PO to us before or on 23 December 2016. By 26 December, we will draw lots for those product(s) with multiple interested parties to decide who win the product. For those products that only have 1 interested party, the item will be sold to that customer with the special price.
  3. Do I need to submit multiple PO, one for each product that I’m interested in?
    No. One PO is enough. please list out all the product(s) that you are interested.
  4. What about those product(s) that I don’t win? Do I need to pay for that?
    We will inform you and remove those product(s) that you don’t win from your PO. If you still interested in those product(s), we can have a separate discussion on that.
  5. Can I cancel the order?
    Unfortunately no. We are giving this crazy sale for you. We appreciate for you to keep your agreement as we will keep ours also.
  6. What is that colour on the image?
    We thought to make things interesting, we’ll add colour scheme like heat map to show which products that have some people eyeing and have enquired on that.
    No Color → No one has enquired about this product
    Green → at least someone has asked and/or submit PO for this product
    Yellow(ish) → More people has asked and/or submit PO for this item(s). The more people asks, the darker the color will be. It range from yellow to orange to indicate the ‘hotness’ of people who wants this product
    Red → a lot more people ask and/or submit PO for this product. If this is your favourite product also, then submit a PO now to get a chance to win the product.
    NOTE: enquiry the product won’t guarantee that you win the product. Submit your PO to secure your chance to win the product with the special price. 
  7. I have some more question, who should I ask?
    You can look for Fendy by phone (O: 6553 4600 or M: 9615 2333) or email for further clarification
  8. What are the terms and Condition to enjoy this promotion?
    Here are the terms and conditions:
    • Applicable to end user only (dealer/reseller are not permitted)
    • Item include free delivery
    • All prices subject to 7% GST


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