SIP Trunk Line

What is SIP Trunk?
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is the use of voice over IP (VoIP) to facilitate the connection of a private branch exchange (PBX) to the Internet. In another word, it allows the Internet to handle your communication also.

Analog Vs SIP Comparison

Who can benefit on SIP Trunk?

  • Any company that is keen on expansion and growth
  • All Sales / Service / Support Companies
  • International companies or companies that deal with other countries
  • Company with multiple branches 

What’s the benefit of SIP trunk?

  • Eliminate of overlapping networks and telephone network cost.
  • Reduce and even eliminate hardware purchase, installation, and maintenance cost
  • Minimize expansion cost.
  • Reduce high subscription charges (save about 92% subscription cost on ISDN line) without reducing the quality.

Do I need to upgrade my whole phone system to subscribe to this?
You have an option to upgrade your system now or later. This SIP line/ SIP Trunk can be deployed with any SIP compliant IP PBX or with any legacy PBX using analog/PRI gateways. You can use your existing system and add a device to enjoy this SIP line. You will reduce the cost on PSTN hunting lines to more flexible and cost-effective ISDN-like service.

How much are the charges?
Monthly: (charged quarterly)
1 line / month          = $8                                                                                   = $24 / Quarter
DDI block / month = $2 (for block of 1 number) or ‚Äč$10 (for block of 10) or  = from $6 / Quarter
TOTAL                     = from $10 / month                                                           = from $30 / Quarter

One time fee:
Applicable to customer who want to convert current number to SIP

Port your existing phone number to SIP Trunk = $49 / number
Activation Fee                                                   = $10 / line
Caller ID                                                            = FOC*
Call Forwarding                                                 = FOC*
Hunting Line                                                      = FOC*
TOTAL (One time fee)                                       = From $59 (for Line conversion) or $10 (for new number)
*FOC = Free of Charge

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