• Fingertec R2c Exit Reader

Fingertec R2c Exit Reader

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FingerTec R2c is a slave terminal designed to serve FingerTec master terminals such as R2, AC900, Q2i, i-Kiosk 100 Plus, H2i and R3 for a more cost-effective IN-OUT access control system. The sleek-looking, compact, and space-reserving R2c establishes a connection via the RS485 interface to the master terminal. Besides that, the R2c is also recommended as a fingerprint slave terminal for FingerTec Ingressus Controllers to form a centralized access control system.

FingerTec R2c empowers biological traits to enhance security in your daily lives, as biometrics technology is a proof of real identity. Dubbed as FingerTec’s bestselling terminal for access control, the R2c series is the ideal fingerprint system for those looking for an affordable security control with practicality. With the combination of R2 and R2c, both entrances and exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys, providing users with absolute comfort.

FingerTec R2c series also offers the most commonly used communication protocols, and it is equipped with an additional USB port for easy data transfer. FingerTec R2c Series comes with the powerful TCMS V2i software for easy data management and presentable reporting. On top of that, FingerTec R2c terminals run on a Linux platform, providing flexibility to integrate firmware and performing customized functions. Complimentary FingerTec BioBridge SDK is also available upon request for integration with third party software. FingerTec R2c simply redefines security with its made easy solution.

R2c can The price is for the machine only. Should you require installation and cabling, additional charge will incur. Please send an  inquiry  to

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